These methods make online casino banking easy

While there are many aspects about online casinos that are important for you, the financial aspect is really key. If you want to be able to play real money games, you will have to deposit money into your account to get started. As a new customer in an online casino this also means that you will be able to get a nice bonus maybe. Deposit at least a certain amount of money and soon you might be playing with twice as much money as that in said casino. Whether you play with or without a bonus, you might at some stage have some considerable winnings to celebrate. But within the casino account you can only use them to play more games. If you want buy yourself something nice with the money you just won, you need to pay out this money from the account. All these transactions should happen timely and safely. That deposits in most cases happen fairly swiftly is a given. But the payouts often demand more time and patience. Casinos need to be 100 % sure that they are allowed to pay out your winnings. But the right methods are also key to smooth transactions.


Many options available

The methods that are in use for casino deposits and payouts are the same that are you used for online shopping. Credit cards have been very common ever since it became possible to play for real money online. They are quick and handy for a deposit, but for payouts, things may soon become a bit more complicated. Also, not all credit card companies are actually collaborating with online casinos. MasterCard and VISA are commonly seen as an option to deposit money on casino accounts, but American Express has left this part of the business world a while ago. Apart from casinos who are only collaborating with one payment partner for one or the other reason, most casino do work in tandem with credit card companies, which after many years still makes them one of the most frequently seen payment options. Other methods very commonly used in e-commerce have gained some share in this market too though. In the bigger picture, we are looking at more than just methods for shoppers. After all, while dealing with online casinos, it is very important not only to be able to deal with deposits. Payouts are hopefully part of your casino experience as well.

One very popular method that is being offered by many companies these days is the e-wallet. It basically works the same as your bank account, but the access is much simpler. Also, the transactions happen quicker and with less hassle than via your bank account. Prominent examples include two of the most commonly used processors of online payments, PayPal and Skrill. Both of them unite many millions of users worldwide. The e-wallets have the advantage, that not only you can receive send money from and to online casinos, but many other commerces as well. Another option is of course to link your PayPal or Skrill account with your bank account. Once you have received your winnings into your e-wallet, you can easily transfer the money into your bank account. There is no obligation to do so though. Payment processors online have to fulfill the same strict regulations as banks, so the accounts are just as safe as your bank account. For many casino fans around the world, the e-wallet has already replaced the rather old-fashioned bank account. The transaction speed and the very often nicer user interfaces have done a good job in luring the users over from the banks.

Talking about banks, some online casinos still offer you the possibility to request payouts or even do deposits directly to and from your bank account. Compared to many other (more modern) methods, this requires some more time however. E-banking may have reduced the time needed to process such transactions, but they can not quite live up to the standards of e-wallets speed-wise. A payout onto your bank account can still take up to one week's time these days. E-wallets are considerably quicker and sometimes enable you to use your winnings to buy something within a few hours only. A number of payment services is only available for deposits. One example for these is the PaysafeCard, which enables you to deposit money into your casino account, but is usually not available for payouts. In this case, you would have to choose another payment method for a payout. Normally, casinos are not able to offer you payout via another method than your deposit method. Having to use the same payment method for both transactions is part of the casinos' efforts against money laundry. After all, there are always some players around who are not quite playing with the right intentions.

  • Many different methods are available
  • Some modern methods are considerably quicker than the older ones

These are really the best

Taking all aspects into account, e-wallets will always come out on top of the list. You may look at the availability of certain methods, the time it takes to deposit or pay out money, but also the user-friendliness - and they will mostly be the leading options. A vast majority of online casinos will let you deposit money with more methods than there are payout options available. Therefore you may also take into account the offerings of the payment processing companies too. A solution that allows you to do payments in both directions is always preferrable to one that only does payments one way. You will not have to leave your personal details with yet another company if you want to remain discreet on the web. Two accounts can also mean that there are twice as many chances of getting things wrong and encountering problems. All in all, sticking to one payment method is not only a legal requirement in most cases, but also something that just comes in really handy anway. If you want to find out more in detail about one or the other payment solution, you may as well have a look at the respective reviews.

Amongst the many e-wallet operators, PayPal is by far the oldest and used to be the best for a long time. These days there are more viable options. Many users are rather fond of Skrill, a very similar service, but with a slightly better usability. Skrill allows you to do payments both ways and in many different currencies. If you like, you can also convert your Skrill balance into crypto currencies. This is a new way of stocking your welfare that has only come up in recent years. The blockchain technology that has come up to enable such solutions seems ideal for a world where privacy and data security become more and more important for everyone. Your physical bank account used to be the way to go about financial aspects many years ago. These days the e-wallets have started to take over in this role. But it is definitely worth keeping one eye on the future. And this future could easily be in the hands of crypto currencies. Bitcoin, Ethereum and many others have already successfully entered the markt - and the end does not seem to be near yet. If you choose your payment method, this does not mean that you will have to stick to this forever either.